Dhoom 3 - Doomed to be blockbuster

Dhoom 3: Doomsday for Dhoom Franchise

Dhoom franchise has been around for almost for a decade now. YRF films generally are known for candy floss romance films, while Dhoom was an action film inspired by Fast and Furious, Torque and so on. The first film in the series had Abhishek Bachchan as Mumbai Police Inspector Jai Dixit, teaming up with Ali…

Postcard (Marathi movie): Trailer

Gajendra Ahire’s next release after Anumati is a film called Postcard. As the name suggests the film portrays the stories of three people whose lives are dependent on the incomplete letters. It showcases a postman’s life, wherein he gets unintentionally drawn to lives of the recipients after he develops a habit of reading the letters.