Why Disney India and YRF need to develop some sense of humour

Hansika Hot navel and kiss is SettaiEarlier this year Kamal Hassan’s magnum opus which dealt with an Indian spy in the USA fighting Taliban met with strong opposition from the Muslim community. Strangely they were opposed to Kamal Hassan showing Muslims as villains as they thought it will malign the image of Muslims. They wanted certain scenes involving the Taliban to be chopped off, instead of opposing the Taliban’s action which is kind of strange actually. Strange because these people were accusing an actor like Kamal Hassan of  harboring bias towards Muslim when he has always stood up for the right of the minorities. It was evident that the protests were politically orchestrated as Kamal did not give the satellite rights of the film to the political masters in the  state. You can read more about how similar incidents have been taking place all over India in an earlier article that I wrote.

Now the industry always expresses it’s helplessness when it is attacked, but then this year we also saw a few incidents which has left no doubt in our mind that given a choice the entertainment industry can be a bigger bully than our politicians.

R.J. Balaji was threatened twice by filmmakers this year. First it was UTV,  for those who do not know UTV is owned by global media giant Disney. Imagine Disney threatening media people in the U.S for making fun of their movies, they would not dare to do that.Check out the tweet by R.J. Balaji which mentions the threatening call to him by a UTV employee.

Well R.J. Balaji does not claim to be a film critic, and he usually does not review all the movies released. He just reviews some of them in his unique way, which can be said to be the case with millions of people who pass verdict about movies via social media status.Will Disney threaten all these people who make fun of their movies.

Later on during Diwali it came to notice that he was again facing the music, because apparently he made fun of Studio Green‘s film All in All Azhagu Raja. Incidentally the film was panned both by critics and the audience. You can read more about the incident here.

Earlier this year makers of Race 2, did not the like immensely enjoyable spoof trailer by The Viral Fever team and it was removed from Youtube. Frankly speaking the spoof was more fun than the original movie.

Now history repeats again itself with Dhoom 3, check out the tweets by Ashish Shakya

And you can read more about this incident here.

All said and done, it is high time that the film industry comes out of this sycophant culture of praising each other and step out of their ivory tower. Cinema is an art, and it is a form of expression, and the filmmakers should realize that spoof or imitation is biggest form of flattery and encourage such people. If you try to curb someone’s freedom of expression or their ways of making fun of your films, then how different are you from politicians or those opportunists who try to extort money on the eve of your film’s release. Go ahead and watch this fun video, which mocks YRF and their lack of sense of humour.

Here’s hoping that someone soon will take a stand on this issue & set an example for others to follow.


6 thoughts on “Why Disney India and YRF need to develop some sense of humour

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  2. YRF is well within their rights to say no to a parody. Lately there has been a very significant increase in the number of self appointed critics (they take themselves very seriously…but eventually send FB friend requests to filmmakers) and parody pushers on the internet. The bunch in the video above seem like a very talented group and maybe their talents would be served better by creating something of real value and not piggybacking over the success or failures of others…just an opinion..

    • Interesting observation Ajay & yes you do have a point.I also liked the way YRF sportingly shared this video on their social media platforms & explained their reluctance to support the parody.

      • YRF shared the video when it went viral and story was picked up other sites, They knew, the TG of Dhoom 3 is online and this video would have a bad effect on image of YRF.As for their explanation,it was boring and stupid saying the spoof was personal attack on stars, i mean if you make a spoof of Dhoom3 and you make of fun of Aamir’s height would that be considered personal attack, this passing the buck on Actors is wrong, when they could have easily asked the actors.

    • Ajay, YRF is well within their rights legally,but the problem here not about legalities about ego issues, YRF is okay whenever someone pays tribute to their films like DDLJ scene in Chennai Express, or in half a dozen yrf films where they have paid homage to Dhoom, then why not give permission if someone makes spoof of it.

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