Twitter Crimes by Fox Crime India

Twitter is truly a two way communication, unlike any other media even in Social Media this is the only platform where you really have to communicate to be seen and acknowledged. This requires time,effort and a bit of wit. Now unlike TV where you can bombard consumers with the image of product, you cannot do that on Twitter, The moment you just go on announcing features about the product, people will get disinterested and unfollow you. Another aspect of Twitter is that people can tag you, now it is up to you to decide if you want to be part of the conversation or ignore them. The problem for brands on Twitter is unique, because one expects them to tweet 24/7.

While I was couch surfing,I accidentally started watching Psych a comical detective show minus the blood and gore. I must say I am hooked on to it now.I decided to tweet about my love for the show.

As you can see I had tagged both Fox Crime India’s Twitter handle along with the  Psych USA handle. Surprisingly within matter of hours it was Psych USA who responded to me with this tweet.

It took more than 48 hours for Fox Crime India’s twitter handle to reply to my simple tweet.

Now, as a brand what is the use of being in social media and replying like you work in postal department?Remember this was after Psych USA replied, even though I am not subscribing to this channel, economically I am directly benefiting Fox Crime India. I am a viewer of Fox Crime India, how much time would it would have taken for them to respond, I guess less than 30 seconds. I would have accepted the delay in acknowledgement or response if it was a person, in this case an actor of the series.What is unacceptable is such delayed response from the T.V channel. When you are paying an agency for digital media service, the idea is that they should promote your brand effectively. In case of Twitter, more than just regular followers you need to create loyal followers and this can be done only by interacting properly, and not  by token interaction as being done by Fox Crime India.

Now this gets interesting, if it took two days for first interaction,to which I replied.

The next tweet came on 5th Dec 2013, while I had replied on 23rd Nov 2013. The only thing I can infer from this is that clearly the brand is not interacting regularly/properly with it’s consumers.

In between it seems they run some interactions, which is on auto mode I guess.

Now again it seems the agency which is handling the account seems to schedule tweets for a day and then reply the next day making you feel that they are doing so if they are in the mood for it.One important rule of Twitter is do not get monotonous, but this is a sin which Fox Crime India seems keen to repeat.It seems to be generally limiting itself to questions like “What do you like about the show”?

This idea of token tweeting wherein the brand will tweet some x number of tweets with y number of hashtags seems outdated to me, it is time they evolve.Another thing which I feel is mandatory is real time tweet by brand when the show is being broadcast on TV, in this case at 10 PM. Well but unfortunately in this case there has been no single tweet,or at least what to look forward to in the show.

Whats more when the 100th episode of Psych was telecast the agency which handles Fox Crime India never felt the need to highlight this. But when that episode was originally telecast the power of social media was seen, helping in increased fan engagement in USA, you can read more about this here.

Fox Crime India has 1,142 followers while it follows just 97 people. Interestingly it follows the following accounts  Barkha Dutt, NDTV etc. Clearly the agency feels NDTV is more important than Fox Network. They also follow a person who is based in UK,why would a channel targeted at Indians follow people from UK?

This account is a classic example of how Indian channels are not investing properly in digital media for expansion of consumer base. It is time to look beyond number of followers and hashtags, hope people realize quality over quantity is what matters. Twitter is a real time activity and you can not depend on auto schedule of tweets to interact,it is not going to work.

It is important,that the channel and agency should invest more time and efforts in employing social media, this is how future audience will come or else they can ignore this medium at their own peril.


One thought on “Twitter Crimes by Fox Crime India

  1. Thanks for this nice post. People running the Twitter account of Fox Crime India do not understand the importance of hiring people who have used Twitter to make their presence felt in social media as private citizens. There is a difference between using Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms to stay connected with friends and using social media to carefully craft an image and to promote your opinions. It is the latter that should be hired for handling Twitter groups of companies. HR people must run a check on the social media sites of people they plan to hire to avoid fiascoes like the described in this post. Fox Crime India needs to take your feedback very seriously

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