Thor: The Dark World (2013) Movie Review

Language : English | Running Time : 113 Minutes | Director : Alan Taylor

Thor: The Dark WorldWhen a major sporting event is going on, say the Wimbledon or the FIFA World Cup, you’ll notice that the TV channels air repeat telecasts of the matches that have already been played. this is during the course of the tournament. Some channels air matches that were played in the championships before the current one during the build up to the tournament.If Wimbledon, you’d see the blond Boris Becker going up against Ivan Lendl or Stefan Edberg and it would be a sight that would put us into the mood for the tournament. Thor : The Dark World is that filler for The Avengers 2. After the epic The Avengers, Marvel’s answer to Superman, Thor is being brought back to keep us interested in the franchise till the other superheroes join together and fight again. And like filler, it only serves to fill the mood and make you nostalgic of what has already happened. Akin to Boris Becker, we have Chris Hemsworth,a man fresh from the success of Rush.

Thor : The Dark World comes in a year when we’ve already had Wolverine, Superman and Iron Man brought to screen. It is the 4th comic book superhero film, discounting Kick Ass 2. One can almost call it an overdose of superhero films this year but when you employ techniques of superhero film making that are pretty much standard and fuelled with special effects, blurred action and quick dialogues intended to be funny and quirky, a villain with prosthetics and voilà, we have a superhero film. Even though we have a movie which uses this standard fare, the movie doesn’t become altogether boring because of the people it employs. Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins have the best portions of film. it is hard to deny the chemistry between and charisma of these actors. The scenes involving Thor and Loki or Thor and Odin are the best portions of film.

It was saddening to see Natalie Portman look a bit uncomfortable throughout the film. Even though she looks ravishing as usual, her expression is blank whenever she is called upon to deliver. From one of the best actresses of this generation, it is quite unexpected. Stellan Skarsgard as Dr. Eric Selvig has been transformed into a raving physicist who is largely employed for comic relief, strutting around in his underwear. Idris Elba shows very good range in what little he has to do.

Thor(Chirs Hemsworth) is a seemingly invincible hero and when we have such heroes, we need villains to be a match. But then, The Avengers 2 would lose steam. So, we have an underdeveloped villain in Malekith(Christopher Eccleston). Burdened by prosthetics and a complexion suitable for a body in a mortuary, there’s little that will scare or please you when you look at Malekith. His companions and trusted lieutenants also suffer from this fate and if you hoped that the motive for revenge or the need for Thor to fight him would save this then we are wrong on this count as well. Malekith’s motives are downright belonging to the age old, “I am darkness. The world should be dark” philosophy. Any villain has that one object that makes him all powerful and here it is a dark matter called Aether. The whole dark mood that the film tries to set with landscape would look really good on 2-D but for most part during my screening I was fed up watching blurred images in 3-D.

The action sequences are racy and the one involving Malekith and Thor going one on one hopping through planets is especially fun but combining the already difficult 3-D visuals with racy action scenes means that we miss out on some quality. I have many complaints with Thor : The Dark Word, largely about the one dimensional villain, the bungled 3-D and all to predictable plot but the movie manages to entertain you in spurts. Almost every alternate scene has Thor and Odin or Thor and Loki in it and we have doses of very good dialogue and fun, witty exchanges whenever Loki is around, so there is a constant rush of ups and downs.

Thor : The Dark World is a movie where every alternate scene has you looking at the amount of popcorn you have and being excited with what’s shown on screen when you are looking at the screen. I liked it in parts. It is obvious that this is a film to keep your head filled with The Avengers, to prep you up for what’s to come next summer. It acts as a diversion and a release from worldly affairs and I feel it is completely normal if this superhero experience isn’t entirely to your liking. It certainly wasn’t a very likable experience for me, it appeared stale but there were moments when it was just a good old superhero movie.


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