Narbachi Wadi Movie Review: Old World charm works for this Marathi Film

Narbachi-Wadi-PosterI was not very keen to watch Narbachi Wadi, but an ass#$#e friend dragged me. Well he also paid for my ticket and I thought what the f$%k, let’s go. At the most it could be another piece of shit. May be this time in Marathi, and at least I can sleep for 2 hours in the comfort of the air conditioner. These days quality of a film is tough to guess before watching it.Promo editors are very skilled compared to filmmakers. You see a trailer and you end up having a ‘wow I was waiting for this piece of crap for all of my life ‘ kind of reaction and then you go to the theater. … and your pants are tight. As if you have a date with a beautifully hot and intelligently empathetic female of your own species but instead you get a beautiful looking shemale (and of course you are presumably straight otherwise just imagine the situation exactly opposite to your taste).

Well interestingly there is a scene in Narbachi Wadi where naraba scares the zamindar showing his dick. So here what you are getting to see is an old man’s dick. Well don’t worry it is not shown directly. Otherwise you must have already seen this film already, maybe then it might have been titled as ‘lovadu’ and Dilip Prabhawalkar would have been more popular than Rii Sen.

Narba (Dilip Prabhawalkar) is an old man, old enough to die. He should have been died 20 years ago when Bade Zamindar of the village decided to kill him and take his thumbprint. And all Bade Zamindar wanted, was his property i.e. wadi , a piece of land full of coconut trees and hence Narabchi Wadi, literally meaning naraba’s land. Bade Zamindar dies, shaken and humiliated when he was unable to take possession of the land.

His son, the Chote Zamindar now vows to get the land but this time not by force but by wit and Naraba, who is already counting his last few days, falls prey to the trap, but destiny has different plans. The film is based on Manoj Mitra’s Bengali play ‘ Shajjano Bagan’ and presented by ‘Basu Chatterjee’. Bengali play making into a Marathi film, isn’t it exciting?

Narbachi WadiBelieve me it is the best Marathi film of the year. Well the year is still to end, and if Samhita releases, then Narbachi Wadi might not be called as the best. But still it is better than anything that came out this year so far. Well I am no Rasik Tirodkar of marathi cinema. But I will put this film in my top five Indian films across languages, right after The Lunchbox. Well I am also no Sethumadhavan of Indian cinema who probably watches more than 200 films across all the languges, in a year, that too in theater alone. But then it doesn’t stop me from putting it in my top five films of the year. This film deserves praise on its own merit. Aditya Ajay Sarpotdar’s direction is competent, his grammar is good. He tries to show off his unique shot taking sometimes. But thank God it is nowhere close to what RGV does these days ?

Performances are top notch. Comedy is Basuda style, light yet powerful. Dilip Prabhawalkar is perfectly cast casting. Mano Joshi does a double role,that of Bade and Chote zamindar. And he employs little farcical style of acting, but still does better than what he usually does in Hindi Cinema. It suits the narrative. The rest of the actors are also well cast. With a great story and proper casting along with competent direction,what we have is a winner, right from start to end.

The only bad thing about the film is the end credits, which starts off early. May be to make sure that everybody sees who has done the marketing of the film before they can walk out of the theater. And this spoils the last scene by windowing it and diluting Naraba’s tribute to bade and Chote Zamindar. Well not withstanding this the film is a must watch, now stop reading this and book your tickets.Take any ass#$#e friend with you … btw even if this review is not exactly a family read, you can safely watch this film with family. After all they have taken care not to show Naraba’s dick ?

P.S. Beware, the author did not like Duniyadari and Investment, 2 recent Marathi films which has been under public eye.

– Njudo-E-Dara


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