Kalyana Samayal Saadham: Sneak Peek

Kalyana Samayal SaadhamArun Vaidyanathan who directed the taut Tamil thriller Achchamundu Achchamundu is all set to make his entry into Malayalam Cinema with Peruchaazhi, featuring none other than Mohanlal. But before that he turns producer as well with the Tamil movie Kalyana Samayal Saadham (KSS from hereon), where he has the company of Ananth Govindan as fellow producer. Written and directed by R.S.Prasanna who makes his debut, the film takes its inspiration for the title from the evergreen song from Mayabazar (1957). KSS features Prasanna (the actor & not to be confused with R.S.Prasanna the director of this film) and Lekha Washington in the lead. The supporting cast includes Delhi Ganesh and Uma Padmanabhan who play Lekha’s parents in the film. While music is by Arrora, Krishnan Vasant is the DOP and Sathyaraj.N, the editor.

KSS is due for release soon. Have a look at the trailer which promises that the film would be all about a big fat Tambrahm wedding :). And yes the trailer features a voice over by the popular RJ Balaji (who made his film debut with TVSK recently).

The ‘Mella Sirithai‘ song has already become popular for the innovative way of using social media tools to communicate the song and associated emotions. If you haven’t seen the song please watch it now & those who’ve seen it can watch it again too.



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