Love is all around me

It was a regular Saturday afternoon with vegetable shopping being the first one to be ticked off the checklist which brought me to my present avatar of ferrying the wife to the market and making do with taking rounds of the neighbourhood till a good parking spot is filled in. I tuned into a random radio station to kill time for the next 40minutes and it had the contrarian effect. The first song played by the one tone music jockey took me back in time . It was the effervescent “ phoolon ke rang se” – I could visualise Dev Sahab doing what he does best – serenading the fair damsels with his ode on love and how. He does paint a very colourful and vivid portrait of love and all its niceties comparing it to the elements and forces of nature in his easy going charm and flamboyance. One line just lingers on in the heart- itna madhur, itna madhir, tera mera pyar,lena hoga janam humein kayee kayee bar. The song leaves you feeling overwhelmed in more ways than one and the lasting image is the youthful Dev Sahab tilting his head slightly and moving on in his inimitable style. On cue the Mrs. called to check on the progress of the parking waking me up from my romantic stupor.

The radio spots did a little jingle and the radio jockey with a little more chirpiness in her voice (guess Dev Sahab does that to you) spoke in glowing tributes on the Bangalore weather and the love lorn effect it has on mere mortals which was a pre curser for the next song which featured the father of all superstars-Rajesh Khanna affectionately called Kakaji and the chirpy Mumtaz dancing to the boisterous chart buster from Aap Ki KasamJai Jai Shiv Shankar. The song is just the perfect love potion to lift one’s spirits and the lead pair were in spirits of a different kind while performing this number. Kakaji with the twinkle in his eyes would have mesmerized the nation with the kite flying dance moves matched in no small measure by Mumtaz’s unrestrained vivaciousness. The song is free spirited and captures the intoxication of love backed by rather healthy looking extras and a green countryside. I could sense that the lead pair were having dollops of fun while filming this song and even now when one hears it sounds as mad and bohemian as it was eons ago.

The weather played spoilsport and the heavens opened up and when it rains in Bangalore it’s a sight to behold to see the forces of nature swaying in agreement. I could do with a hot cup of tea and some eats , but no such luck -the radio station had got me hooked on and I was looking out for the next romantic ditty. The music jockey was playing evergreen hits and she certainly had got my number .The third song was from the movie Ghar featuring a cherubic star who knew a thing or two about romance and as was his wont -shirt buttons unbuttoned down to show the hairy chest oozing masculinity paired with a sultry actress who projected sensuality in CAPS without crossing the lakshman rekha. Vinod Mehra and Rekha were an iconic pair and looked very much a joined at the hip couple. The song translated in simple terms for the naysayer was the hero professing love for the heroine , telling in simple terms that he found the elegance in her eyes better than her beauty ,the heroine pleased beyond doubt rebukes in a gentle manner that the hero is pulling a fast one. The lead pair make the song seem so natural flirting with each other using the gentle interplay of words backed by visual imagery of their fresh visage.The song does ring familiarity that love is not skin deep and there is more which meets the eye in the form of elegance and style which was picturised so beautifully on the bosom couple. The rains did not show any signs of letting up and I was stuck in no man’s land with the mobile phone losing charge and the radio show for company.

The last song to be played by the veritable radio jock was the supremely romantic number – ” Mein yahaan hoon yahaan” from the love saga – Veer Zaara. The movie in question is directed by the late Yash Chopra -arguably one of the greatest craftsman who knew a thing or two about helming love stories, directing an actor going by the nomenclature of Shah Rukh Khan -who could sell love in all its forms with innate confidence and bravado. The bubbly and lively Priety Zinta is just the quintessential heroine playing it real and serving the perfect match for the elusive magic potion called love. The song has a wonderful mellifluous quality which resonates in the larger than life images – sweeping locales amidst a kaleidoscope of colours. SRK during the course of this romantic number expresses in warm ,passionate and amorous gestures that he is there everywhere – all encompassing .In a very surreal moment you strangely feel he is the metaphor for the simplest four letter word called love. I can feel it in my fingers , I feel it in my toes love is all around me and then i see a rain drenched figure doing the balancing act lugging shopping bags with an angry scowl on her face mirroring the inclement weather conditions outside. I reduce the volume of the radio and get into character in placating the better half with some creative excuses while I look back at the last 40 minutes as time invested in listening to simple and ethereal romantic classics taking me to nether world with matters of the heart taking pole position.



The post was written by   Vijayan Shekhar. You can contact him at


16 thoughts on “Love is all around me

  1. “Matters of the heart taking pole position.” Really Shekhar, how do you come up with these lines? Simply amazing!. Nisha says she likes the “romantic feel the songs and the rains have played on you”. Of course!

  2. Nicely written, Shekhar! Loved all the songs you’d featured here and yes, what you’d written eloquently mirrored my sentiments whenever I listen to them! 🙂

  3. I really liked the idea behind this piece. Its a simple idea really – to write about some random songs that you heard while station surfing on the radio and waiting for the Wife. But it comes out so deep that it does strike a chord. Thats what I really liked about what you ve written.
    At some point in all our lives, radio has brought some heart tugging memories – of a loved one or of a missed city or of happy times or maybe not so happy times. The feel of a radio station playing a song you love isn’t quite the same as hearing the same song on a preset playlist on the ipod when you know what’s coming up. Radio adds that surprise happy element. And for a “recently turned” mush bug as me, radio makes people and places seem not to far away. And yes I feel it my fingers!
    Btw, I notice that references to the Wife appear in almost every single piece you’ve written. Love is always around, aint it? 🙂 🙂 ).

  4. Well written. Music can swing your moods -Through a feeling of emptiness, romance, passion, nostalgia, a bounce in your walk, a brighter dress, an additional look in the mirror, a look out of the balcony, the rain, the breeze, the sunset, spirituality – music in the background does work your emotions like magic. Well captured Shekhar!!

  5. Awesome write up…. you get to hear cool and soothing songs when you dont expect or not in a good mood….. love kishore kumar songs…

  6. You are hidden treasure Shekhar…Nice thoughts and very well presented. I would be away from all the social networking for next 4 months but promise I would certainly return to follow your blog

  7. There is no match of song and weather like:
    Mere Naina Sawan Badho from Original Superstar Rajesh Khanna’s film: Mehabooba during rainy season with lights on sky.

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