In conversation with Marathi filmmaker-Samit Kakkad

Aayna Ka Bayna is a rare Indian film(and the first Marathi Film) that has western dance forms as an integral part of the story. Prabhu Deva‘s Style is probably the only other film which presented the Hip Hop and other Sachin Khedekarwestern styles of dancing. This is the second film of  director Samit Kakad who was the creative director and producer of  Huppa Huiyya earlier. He has roped in cinematographer Sanjay Jadhav who has reportedly broken many conventions of cinematography while making this film. It stars Sachin Khedekar and Amruta Khanvilkar and nine other boys.Raqesh Vashisth ( earlier Rakesh Bapat of Tum Bin fame ) makes his entry into Marathi Cinema with Aayna Ka Baayna.
Interestingly, unlike Step Up or Dirty Dancing this film seems to have a much darker plot. The title has been derived from “aayna ka bayna, ghetlya shivay zaay naa”—a Marathi phrase that loosely translates into, “We’re not leaving without taking what’s rightfully ours.”

In a brief chat with MAM here’s what Samit Kakkad told us about making Aayna Ka Bayna and more-

Why a film on this concept?
Well dance is universal. you dance for laughter, you dance for madness, you dance for hope, you dance for screams, you dance to express. Also I feel that its always Lavani which is projected as a major dance form in Marathi Cinema and the idea was make a difference by making people aware of more contemporary dance forms.

How did you narrow down upon the dance group & other cast & crew?
We at Akshara films division auditioned around 400 dancers from all over maharashtra. and from that 9 Wonder Boys were chosen.

Any problems you faced while shooting?
All 9 boys being super fantastic dancers we had no problems. In fact we started learning different styles of dance.

Any interesting experience during the shooting?
Every moment is interesting and memorable when you have have 9 new actors who are all fabolous dancers pitted against Sachin Khedekar.

How do you compare Aaayna Ka Bayna with other dance films like say Break Dance,Fast Forward, Step Up etc?
Every film is different. story is different. execution is different. and why compare? we are the dancers….. and we will create the dreams.

Interestingly there have also been some Indian dance films made in regional films like Style by Raghava Lawrence ( Telugu )- have you seen them?how does your film compare to them? 
It’s hard to be modest when you know you are the best.

What do you think is the scope for dance based films in India?
Well its not about dance alone, its the story also.

What would be the key learnings from the project?
Keep dancing and keep making films 🙂

What would your message be to the target audience of the film?Why do you think they should patronize the film?
My message is please stop piracy…and watch every film in a theatre near you because it takes a lot of effort, time and money to make a film. Give respect to all the film makers… its showtime!

The film releases on 30th November. The makers of the film even plan to dub it in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Here’s wishing Samit and his team all the very best for the release of the film.


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