A Composer's Journey- Shuttlecock Boys

After waiting earnestly with some hope for a theatrical release ( and having done the film festival circuit ) I am happy to tell you all that my debut feature film, Shuttlecock Boys is finally having its Indian theatrical release from August 3. The film will release in select screens through PVR Director’s Rare. So for now I bring for all of you a series of blogs from various members of the Shuttlecock Boys team which will hopefully give you further insight into the film.

The first of these posts is written by the music composer, Avinash Baghel.

So over to Avinash….

A Composer’s Journey 

I was born in Chhattisgarh, India. I started learning music when I was 8-9 years old. Initially I didn’t have that much interest in it since it required regular practice but I remember my father used to make me sit for long hours doing Riyaz. Then I got a bit better in it and I started enjoying playing combination of notes on my violin and singing too. Till my completion of school, I was almost sure that I would choose music as my career. But, everyone knows that how much of a struggle this line of career could be and so my parents did too. So they made me sit for engineering entrance exam and I cleared it and got selected to a good engineering college in Chhattisgarh. But I had doubts that this would mean no career for me in music. So I convinced them to let me get admission in BSc Hons at Kirori Mal College, Delhi University.

Kirori Mal College had a great music society where I got to learn a lot about music from musicians from different genres and different parts of India. After college I was completely clueless about how to get into the music industry as I had no contacts and no money. The only thing I had was my music. Seeing no hope, I thought about my other interests and started preparing for Civil Services. I really did work hard. In the mean time, I got to know from a college friend that Hemant Gaba has made a film and they were in search for a music composer. So I contacted him and he asked me to send him some of my work. I had a very bad recording of a song composed by me and I sent it to him. He didn’t say whether he liked it or not, just sent me a lyrics, “Zindagi Hai Ek Shuttle”, and told me to compose a song of it and I did. Then he sent me 3 more lyrics and I composed them all and recorded just guitars and vocals with a basic microphone and sent it to him. So after a long time I got to know that I was in for the film and that was just a month before my Civil Services preliminary exam. Well obviously I chose to work as a music composer and left my exam’s preparation.

Now about the Shuttlecock Boys Experience!! Initially it was very difficult for me to actually understand Hemant’s thoughts about the music of the film. Secondly I didn’t have much experience with the music software. I even didn’t have my own computer. But I did tell Hemant that I could do it. I borrowed my friend’s computer and bought new speakers, installed software and started learning about musical programming from YouTube tutorials and friends. Hemant gifted me a Midi Keyboard Controller for programming and I started working on the music. Hemant’s views and my views regarding the film’s music and even in general were in completely different directions. So to come to the common selection we did have to work a lot. Like for almost every scene I composed at least 3-4 pieces of music. Well that did work a lot as it gave us opportunity to experiment a lot of things and also the final result came very satisfactorily. It was my first professional experience and because of Hemant it became a great experience. Also the film’s theme is very much similar to my own life; I was always motivated to work for it with full enthusiasm.

Check out the video of the song ‘Ruk Na Tu Ab Kahin’ which is composed and sung by me with lyrics by Prachi Singh.

Check out the video of the song ‘Zindagi Hai Ek Shuttle’  which is composed and sung by me with lyrics by Manas Mishra.

And you can use our Facebook App  or Soundcloud link from where you can listen to and download all the songs.

It has been an interesting journey so far for me with Shuttlecock Boys, here’s hoping for more excitement in the days to come.


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