When Spidey met Stacy!

This post is full of spoilers…if you have not watched the film, then please do not read any further.

Peter Parker and his sweetheart Gwen Stacy stand at the balcony of her apartment. He has just had an argument with her father about Spiderman’s motives. While obviously, he knows Spiderman’s intention is to help, her father, a NYPD cop is suspicious. The discussion doesn’t go too well and he gets out to the balcony to get some air, she follows him. Peter’s heart is desperate to reveal his true identity to her, but his mind stops him in doing so. She knows something is wrong, she prods him. And when she gives up and about to leave, he casts his web  (literally) on her to pull her and kiss her.

This perhaps is the best romantic scene conceived in the last few years. It is as good as the upside down kiss in the original spidey which came more than a decade back. But unlike Mary Jane Watson who was more interested in Spiderman and not as much in Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy here is in love with Peter Parker only. When she comes to know his true identity, she tells herself , “I am in trouble!”. She realizes that he is the guy for her despite his superpower (and not because of his superpower) and knows that she will have to stand by him! The rocking chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone takes this film to another level. Take the scene in which he tries to ask her out for the first time. With awkwardness, he says ,” you know..you and me..” after which words fail him. And then suddenly he says, “or we can do something else”!. She smiles and tells him,”We can do either!!”.

As a teenage couple experiencing probably their first crush, Parker and Stacy go through awkwardness, intimacy, commitment, expectation and even heartbreak. Andrew and Emma bring out these extremely effectively. It is very clear why Marc Webb was given the role to helm this project. The other capable director who could have handled these portions beautifully, unfortunately passed away just a week back. But looking at Spidey and Stacy, NoraEphron would have smiled with satisfaction in her grave!

PS: For people who want to know about the other parts of the film…..I thought they are routine big summer set pieces..entertaining, but nothing special. And yes, this film is no match for the Sam Raimi flick.




One thought on “When Spidey met Stacy!

  1.  I would disagree with you where say rest of the film is action set piece like summer blockbusters.In fact what makes this movie more interesting the movie does not have big action set pieces.The best action scene of the movie which take place where he rescues the boy and gives he mask, and how he realizes his power to save the world rather than his motive for personal revenge.

    The main thing we like about spiderman is unlike Batman he is not superrich nor like Superman he is man of Virtue, but he is teen who is coming to terms with the world and it’s way.

    While the first franchise had Spiderman who was nervous and was apprehensive of taking first jump here the Character is cocky, using power to settle his scores.

    Also Marc Webb quirky sense of humour,can be seen when you poster of Donald Glover in Peter’s bedroom, if you remember Donald had run a campaign on twitter to consider him for the Audition.

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