'Taken 2' – Trailer

Movie buffs will vouch for the fact that Taken was one of the best action movies ever made with Liam Neeson in superb form. Now four years later here comes the sequel, Taken 2. And this time it is Liam Neeson and his wife who are taken hostages by the father of a kidnapper who was killed by  Neeson in the first part, while rescuing his daughter.

Olivier Megaton (Transporter 3) takes over the directorial reins from Pierre Morel who directed the first part, while Luc Beeson returns as the producer. The trailer looks good enough. But will it live up to the reputation of Taken, only time will tell. Taken 2 is slated  for release on 5 October,2012

Meanwhile do check the trailer and as always feel free to agree/disagree with our views in the comments section.



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