Amhi Ka Tisre- A promising marathi film on Transgenders

Amhi Ka Tisre(We The Outsiders) directed by Prashant More is an adaptation of the marathi novel Mi Ka Nahi written by Paro Naik. The film is a poignant tale of the stigma and discrimination faced by transgenders among their families and in society; and how with the help of a support structure, they can be empowered too.

Synopsis: Bablu, an adoloscent, encounters a strange feeling of being a woman trapped in a man`s body. And with this, begins his painful journey. Abandoned by the family and the society, Bablu has nobody to turn up to, except for the community of eunuchs. He takes refuge in their world which is a very different world altogether, with a different system and different traditions. But here he finds love, courage and inspiration from Anu, an outspoken transgender activist who is fighting with the society for assertion of identity and rights. Anu and her followers challenge the society and system and seek recognition and respect for their existence within the social mainstream.

The character of Anu is inspired from the real life transgender Laxmi Narayan Tripathi.

Prashant More has earlier made Mahasatta(Superpower) which was an intense and engaging film on the trade union politics in the present liberalised economy of our country. Sadly, much like Mahasatta, this film of the capable director is also releasing without any promotion this friday(June 1st). Even the trailer of the film is not available on the internet.

Amhi Ka Tisre(We The Outsiders) was part of the Competition section in the Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival where it was well received. Kashish is the first and only gay and lesbian film festival in India.

Here is a small effort on our part to promote the film.



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