A New Beginning with 'Guns & Guitars- A Musical Travelogue'

just a spark but!
so you thought?
not worthy of another glance…

busy you were, of course!
ignorant, even to know
of your ignorance…

doesn’t matter really-
in your macro subsistence
the micro realities of existence!

but a gossamer wrap
around the flicker –
oh – to hide the glimmer!

wise heads!
too wise to remember
the eternal truth of
prelude to a Fire…

‘Guns & Guitars – musical travellogue’ is a journey into the Northeast India -land of seven sisters and one brother -to unveil how over the decades, her children have alternately taken up the Guns and the Guitars to vent their woes and carve their dreams…

Here’s the promo of ‘Guns & Guitars’

This is the start of my series of posts about this film. I am extremely excited to share with all of you how the journey so far has been and how the journey ahead would shape up as well.

Catch you all soon….


4 thoughts on “A New Beginning with 'Guns & Guitars- A Musical Travelogue'

  1. Sir, Keep it up!!!!!!
    still when I see you—-I get back to 11 years back with Hostage Team & me learning step by step from You…………..
    Thanx sir..Forward my spl.Thanx to Pallavi m’m….
    Take Care
    Raakesh Raanjan

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