The Avengers – Unleash The Kid In You

Warning – Spoiler Alert

I had my doubts when I went to watch The Avengers. The biggest worry was that the story would concentrate too much on the characters (superheroes played by several superstars) and in the process making it about them and not the movie. However, 30 minutes in to the film that feeling pretty much faded. The plot is as simple as  Mark Ruffalo is when he is Bruce Banner and not The Hulk.  Joss Whedon keeps the story telling simple but he doesn’t miss out on getting the right mix of characters and plot plus he never deviates from the main plot which can so easily happen if it is not done right and in the crowd of these actors. Nick Fury calmly pulled off by Samuel L. Jackson of S.H.I.E.L.D. assembles together a team of super humans or heroes to form The Avengers to help save the Earth from Loki enacted by Tom Hiddleston and his army.

The Beauty of The Avengers lie in the fact that it doesn’t do what it doesn’t promise to. It is meant to be whole some entertainment and that’s exactly what it provides you, without taking itself too seriously and going too much in to the darker territory. The first half of the film goes in to getting The Avengers together but not without serving us with insanity of the action sequences which steadily flows through in between when Tony Stark is not busy making you laugh with his pulling the leg of the rest of the superheroes.  The pace in the first half seems a bit uneven as the plot itself is fairly straight forward and there are minimal twists and turns. At times it just tinkers your patience but I can guarantee you one thing the moment it seems to be even a bit boring an action sequence starts and it is exciting again. The action sequence in the first half to watch out for is the fight between Thor & Iron Man. The Sequence shot with dark tones in the night is superb and was the highlight of the first half. Apart from the action sequence’s the smart one liners which of course kicks off once the show stopper Tony”Iron Man”Stark pulled off effortlessly as ever by Robert Downey Jr. enters the screen. Lines like:

Captain America : Tony we need a plan of action.

Iron Man: Yeah, I have a plan, It’s action

The movie is filled with such smart one liners and it keeps you engaged enough to get through the first half. And now ladies and gentleman get ready and fasten your seat belt because the 2nd half is here. Get ready to forget your age and be ready instead for a rage of entertainment. I always knew that the 2nd half of The Avengers will be filled with abundance of action set pieces. But what you witness is way beyond it. What you see is pure hardcore action of epic proportion. The bar is raised to such greatness that 1st half really does seem tame though it is not that bad. The 30-40 minutes of the climax is just the most brilliant collection of action set pieces you will get to see. What’s more, it is amazing how the director Joss Whedon uses the heroes separately and at times together as a team is skilfully put across without ever giving too much attention to one hero over the other and keeping everyone honest.

The action sequences are not just exciting, edge of the seat stuff but the way Wheadon incorporates humour in to it shows the mastery of the man. It is amazing how the emotions as diverse as laughter, rage and excitement all comes together purely with the action. More than the lines, in the second half it is the action which makes you laugh along with excitement and trust me guys I am not talking about normal laughter. Its so funny that you can give Navjot Singh Sidhu a run for his money. Also, just the way Joss manages to incorporate newness in to this already known super heroes is refreshing Tony Stark softer and sacrificing side is subtly put across The Hulk is suppose to be this destructive creature but Joss manages to infuse so much humour and really made him cute and very loving with his antics and The Hulk by the way makes you laugh in the second half. In midst of all this I wanna say that editing is amazing, especially in the second half where there is so much going on but for not even a second do you feel that you missed out on something or that shot could have gone on for longer, it’s impeccable and precise.

The Hulk is the highlight of the movie though. He steals the show even from the Iron Man. The destruction that Hulk along with Joss’s brilliant vision of Hulk makes you just wanna see him on screen cos he pretty much nails it with entertainment quotientBut all said and done its the actors, who add that spark to The Avengers:

Tom”Loki”Hiddleston – To hold you’re own as the main villain among some of the powerhouse performers does take lot of effort and Tom Hiddleston seems to have done it well. He manages to be creepy, scary and despite his structure seems to be bigger than Hulk with just his attitude and intensity in his eyes and the anger in his voice.

Robert “Tony Stark/Iron Man” Downey Jr. – Well he likes attention and we love him and he doesn’t disappoint anyone. Tony Stark is his typical self and he just holds this movie together with his amazing one liners . His over the top entry in the Iron Man Suit for the first time with the AC/DC  song Shoot To Thrill is just superb and we manage to see a different facet to Tony Stark and a new layer to him as a character which was effortlessly pulled off by Robert.

 Mark”The Hulk”Ruffalo –  Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner was the biggest surprise in the movie. Mark pulled off the guy controlling his anger and staying in control so calmly and awesomely that it can get lost and you might miss it. He manages that deadpan humour along with his confusing look on the face amazingly. He must have the least number of cool one liners but by god does he create an impact with his presence and body language.

Chris”Thor”Hemsworth –  Thor does make his presence felt but somehow I preferred Thor as this Tony Stark of the Gods in Thor with overconfidence and attitude oozing through and thought it would have been even more awesome if that Thor was present at least at the start. But nonetheless he does pull of his role well.

Samuel “Nick Fury”L. JacksonWell what do I say its Samuel L. Jackson do I say more, the pure presence of this man is enough in any movie and he rightly gets the role of  Nick Fury cos it feels like only he could pull it off with his persona and style

Chris Evans – Steve Rogers/Captain America, Jeremy Renner – Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Scarlett Johansson Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow have their moments in the film and they do rise up when there moment arrives and do a neat job.

The Avengers will make you laugh, make you feel awesome and it doesn’t matter what age you belong to; you’re you are going to enjoy it and you’re going to behave like a kid in the theatre. You are going to clap, shout, whistle, bloody hell if you have enough money you are going to throw money as well. It takes you to your childhood and back. It lives with you long after you’re done watching. Go and watch it guys and unleash the kid in you.


3 thoughts on “The Avengers – Unleash The Kid In You

  1. Had a great time watching it and it is the entertainment bazooka of the year..

    My concerns of 3D and the illumination at local multiplexes remain a huge concern with most the film looking darg when it is actually not.

    Jeremy Renner is a good addition to the cast and he is a future SUPERSTAR.

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