Overrated Indian Films of Recent Times

Overrated Indian Films of recent times

Before I begin attacking films I feel have got more than their worth, either critically or commercially or both, please note, these are my personal opinions, and yes, they are debatable but before you are offended, thinking that I have degraded one of your favorite films, I want you to know that this means no harm to anyone or his/her personal affection for a film.

1. Paa

This is one film, when I was watching with my family, my father slept, my mum was drowsy and I tried really hard to keep my eyes wide open. Such a boring film I might have seen in ages and it is really strange that people loved it.

My problem with Paa is, it is as clichéd and relies so heavily on genre conventions that you almost know what will happen. There is nothing new in the script, it gets preachy, nothing interesting is crafted, music is okay, acting is good, and anything else, is there anything else I might have missed that is As-usual with this film, oh and of course,  how can I miss weepy women.

This is one film, where I feel, overdose of schmaltziness was thrown in front of us and we were expected to love it, most of us did. Perhaps, I feel this movie specifically worked for the reason why Indian television has fairly low standards. This simplistic attempt continues to be one of the most boring hit films we might have seen.

2. Kaminey

Both the films released the same year, this one wasn’t that successful, I am saying it wasn’t that big a hit, because then I read bollywoodhungama, and that said, I don’t have another clue how this film fared at the box office, but for sure, this film was loved by (most of the) critics.

The point here is, this film was, in simplest terms, a mess. A love story, that was half baked, overdone caper story, brother-brother love-hate story that was a strange one, buddy plot was shallow, and Kaminey were merely ordinary villains, or simply Kaminey were not that Kaminey. People say it was homage to Quentin Tarantino, I ask how? When did a film by QT deviate from its basic premise? I don’t remember a single QT film deviate one bit from its core intention that was easily reflected by the title of that film. Ultimately what we had was a distracted caper film, hopping between mini plots and multiple story lines, few of them well done, acting was superlative, and dry humor in between that resulted in a good film, but my point here is over rated movies, critics called it a milestone, few said that’s a start, for me it is just another good but forgettable film.

3. Good Night | Good Morning

This one opened to minimal shows, universal acceptance, and loads of sympathy. Honestly, I dig this film, and when I’d say it is over rated, people would immediately jump up and say, dude I don’t remember seeing more than a 3.5/5 rating for this film. My point here is, not the ratings it received, but the way critics wrote the review. Many times, a reviewer may write the film in negative light, but still give a 2.5/5 rating, sometimes for credibility, sometimes for the sake of the fun that film delivered, many times, critics review the film greatly but give less stars because they know that audience won’t really be bothered about that film and again credibility would come into question.

GNGM faced either of the two situations I mentioned above, reading reviews of that movie might make you feel that the movie is an instant classic but the ratings are restricted, or it might feel that movie is just okay but then rating is good enough. It is this oxy moronic scenario and debatable goodness of this sweet little film that compels me to include it in this list, because this film, though a lot of thought is applied to it along with innumerable cultural and religious references, is extremely inelegant.

It tries to take a lot of interesting themes to handle, like Stanley Kubrick does it, it throws in a lot of cinematic discussion, like Quentin Tarantino does, it tries to show the love of a place or a city and its beauty, like Woody Allen does and many other cinema people that are beyond the scope of my knowledge, tries hard to be cerebral, tries to be a good love story, tries to be an intelligent talky, and I don’t know how hard this film tries to be what. It does turn out to be a good film, but not even an inch deep and least sentimental when it was almost a love story, about opposites attract and about those who are lonely.

If only its characters weren’t good enough this could be a severe debacle and would have floundered painfully, that it didn’t but reviews said, it is creative, path breaking, tremendous and it is this and that and blah and blah, okay guys, I believe in poverty porn now.

Oh yes and a voiceover in this film in the end does tell you that it was also trying to explore all stages in the lifecycle of falling in and out of love, wow, that was meant to be felt rather than told isn’t it?

4. 3 Idiots

Now I am waiting the real knives and scissors and other sharp objects to come and attack, before I start writing about this one, it is quite possible that I am severely trolled and people may stop reading it any further, but heck, I was waiting for this to happen.

3 idiots is just another example of how formulaic films have taken over serious quality. All that is needed is the right ingredient and WHOA, we have a Masala film. First of all the controversially credited book on which it was based wasn’t a superlative one, it was another sympathy oriented story. Then it was a spicy love story, then it was preachy, then its humor was clichéd, perhaps there was no such thing that could be called inventive or fresh, including its subject.

Add to it, taking away bride from her marriage, executing a delivery with a vacuum cleaner and periodic doses of schmaltziness, alright.

3  Idiots is a shining example of how a blockbuster movie is defined, you go with your family, you have fun, your parents do, your best friends do, and then you go again and then again repeat from step one. I had loads of fun watching this film, but when someone says, 3 Idiots was one of the best films of all time, I think again and I just smile and tell myself, if people find it really entertaining and not one moment to be excessive and awkward, it’s alright.

After reading this, my best friends will come running behind me with bats and hockey sticks and anything that could hurt.

5. Udaan

Now this is a good film, I know it, because of the honesty with which it is produced, but this is strangely out of place for me, and exclusively for me it is over rated, if someone tries to disagree with me, this is one film where I will not defend myself, but I have to write it because I feel this film is extremely outdated in terms of treatment where idea is topical.

Teenagers and youngsters today are fearful, about most of the things in life; let it be love, career and other important things. Their parents don’t understand it, that is true, fathers can be brutal, and that is true as well. But this was one film where such a brilliant subject was handled with so much heavy handedness that it didn’t connect to me at all.

When I was watching this film, nothing, I repeat nothing I found that was interesting. This must be a deep film, loveable, with a character most of us would root for, but I stayed on the surface, poetry absorbed dialogue wasn’t inspiring and moreover, instead of disgust for the father, I was completely disconnected, I just watched the story and when the lead character really wins, it doesn’t give me a ray of hope or pleasure that I would be emotionally associated with the character. This could be my pampered upbringing or the life as I see it, that I couldn’t relate to it, but ultimately, I was bored watching this film.

And this is one film, when I call it over rated it questions my credibility as a film lover, but as 3 Idiots I had to write it as I feel that way.

6. Gandu

The winner of them all, I watched this film, only and exclusively because it is a pampered film, promoted only through word of mouth, online publicity, blogs and indie film makers jumping around it and what not to celebrate it. This is one film where almost every film journalist must have sworn to promote it at least once, and almost every film critic must have sworn to blog about it directly or mention it somewhere or the other.

I may not defend myself for Udaan, because that is a story its maker wanted to capture, characters are true, and the film is crafted with honesty, if only, all that really worked for me, but this is one film, where I tend to offend anyone who intends to promote to this film as sheer genius.

It might be a good experiment, but it is an awful film. Let’s say, you are in a party and your host starts shouting and abusing, saying all his guests suck and he, the host, is really smart and cool and an artist and starts boasting about himself at the same time offending his guests, with this film, the director becomes the host and audiences become his guests. When you don’t want people to see your film then why do you make one, or if you want them to connect to it then why do you want them to leave it in between?

I, for one a poor small time film maker, feel that a director usually has 3 to 4 scenes and one basic idea with him to make a film, he asks someone to write a story around that idea and those 3 to 4 scenes, and then he makes a film. When I think about this film, the most carefully crafted out scenes in this film are those which are most abusive, where nudity and masturbation is shown with such wildness, that I wonder what Kaushik (director of this film) had in his mind when he thought of this film. Perhaps, he wanted to show hard core sex on screen, may be that was his child hood fantasy, or he wanted someone to see him masturbate, or maybe he wanted someone to read sadness in his life came because he has had a sexless life or because he wanted to abuse people because everyone else abused him? Or maybe because he would see a lot of old people having sex in front of him and being least bothered about him and even he too wanted all that pleasure, wow, we have such a perverted film maker with us now, who has probably crossed all the boundaries of ruthlessness, made a snuff film, labeled it as an indie and sold it to all those hypocrites who aren’t sure but had fun with all that content in that film.

To add to the profanity seeing a goddess statue and fantasizing about her, along with his best friend having a threesome, laughing at his mother when she is having sex with her guest, this only proves that director is not an artist, he is a loser as the title of his film suggests, where success is just a matter of luck as he shows, where art is as impure as he thinks and without a clarity of what he wants to say he simply jogs in between those profane scenes he’s been thinking of all his life.

This film doesn’t try to explore its characters, scenes are so short that do everything but distract the viewers from rooting for them as well, his idea of the film is unclear and all in all it is a disaster and I am glad it didn’t reach wide audiences, perhaps, it doesn’t deserve their respect, and not every guy with a camera is David Lynch or Stanley Kubrick that he would make a thematically ambiguous film.

7. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara

INT. Guest House

After Diving and Abhay Deol had a heated chat with kalki Hritik Roshan and Katrina Kaif have a chat playing with cutleries in a kitchen.

Katrina kaif(KK)

To Tumne bataya nahi kaisa laga

Hritik Roshan(HR)

Thank You


Don’t thank me, job hi kia tumne kia.

HR  makes a humble gesture


So, How was it?


<Sigh> It was magical, aisa laga jaise ki mai dunia ki sabse shaant jagah mei hu <sigh again> It was beautiful


 <With a Graceful chuckle> I was 16 jab maine apni pehli dive ki, aur uske baad mujhe rokna, heh, it was impossible.


Haan, ism ek Nasha hai.


Nasha?! Nasha mat kaho, its such a negative word. Diving is <orgasm face and sigh> something else for me, it’s like meditation, insaan ko apni ek ek saans, ek ek pal ka ehsaas hota hai

Salil Shankar

Ohh yeaahh, ohhh, c’mon, c’mon, yeaah, dialogue, dialogue, yeaahhhh


Just imagine,

Hritik Roshan, makes a “Khushi Ke aasu tapkao” face once again,

but no, not again, only face, lot of glycerin may  be harmful for his eyes

KK (continues)

 agar hum apni saari zindagi aise jee sakte

Salil Shankar

Toh ya to regular day job ki tarah isse bhi frustration hone lagti nahi toh koi machlee hume khaa jaati, warna paani mei baithe baithe humay zukaam ho jaata aur usay thik karane k liye wapas zameen pe aakar doctor ko dikhana padta aur fir hum paani mei jaake ek doosre se kehte, kaash hum zameen par hee reh sakte. Aur meri bakwaas gayi bhaad mei, lifelong holidays hee banate rahenge toh saale paise kaha se kamaenge, upar se itne mehnge holidays manate rehne ki aukaat hoti bhi, ya tere jitna raees superstar hota bhi toh bhi, guarantee se, mai ye line toh na hee bolta.

Zindagi na milegi dobaara is filled with such unintentionally hilarious dialogue, its dramatic moments are crafted with such hollowness that you don’t really absorb the sentiments, even the humour, It was bundled with absolutely useless  and once again unintentionally hilarious side stories, and pitiful moments. This is one more film that is another example of looks driving and killing the substance, where, to reach its highlight scenes all the drama in between is so simplistically built that I sometimes wondered, Farhan co-wrote this, he wrote Dil Chahta hai as well no? and even Rock On was alright, then, this? You’ve gotta be kidding me!

Agree/Disagree, comment box is open, and I am here :) , you question, I answer.


46 thoughts on “Overrated Indian Films of Recent Times

  1. Totally agree on Kaminey, Paa and Gandu. ( all this have issue of having an agenda, first one was trying to hard to look like a slick thriller, second one was an attempt to show the world that BigB can do anything, Third one totally wanted to ride on shock value)

    Partially agree on 3 idiots. ( Simplistic and cliche ridden, but I’m a sucker for the world Raju Hirani creates, I love to see world where everyone is happy!)

    Have not seen GNGM.

    Disagree on Udaan. ( Why animation movies work? because even with simple story line those are engrossing. Same with this)

  2. Well regarding GNGM current rating shows 6.9 rating, go click on breakup …and you will notice that 87 people voted rating 10 i.e. whopping 40% … this were not there before the release … thats how you do PR. A friend of mine told me that you can also buy Facebook likes, YouTube hits and twitter followers.

    • The point here isn’t related to IMDb ratings, but the way critics and self promising, so called, intellectual audiences project the film in their reviews that compels to make this remark, GNGM isn’t a bad movie, my point is, it is over rated.

      • also it’s IMDB rating, Rating is mathematical number synonymous to what critics are trying to say in words. I don’t believe 40% people gave it 10/10 and also I can’t believe Karan Johar reviewing a very small budget film. Critics and intellectual promoting a film made by fellow critics, is as good as Bollywood scion getting launched. I mean in both cases Nobody will say bad in front you!

    • Ha Ha, sid, ye saari movies toh aisi hai jinhe dekhne ke baad saari janta kehti hai bekaar hai, critics kehte hai bekaar hai, fir bhee superhit ho jaati hai, isliye nahi rakha list mei……. iss list mei unhee movies ko rakha jinhe dekh ke sab log ye dunia ko bolte hai “Yaar Kya picture hai, classic picture, mai toh yaar dekho achi picture ki badi door se pehchaan kar leta hu……. aur ye hoti hai achi picture…..” aur uske baad baaki dunia ye kehti hai “Haan yaar, wakai mei kya picture hai………”

  3. I agree with paa n kaminey n udaan….gandu sounds like porn….i just want to add couple of other films Ekk main aur ekk tu and love aajkal….

  4. Was delighted when you mentioned 3 Idiots. I totally agree on that one; and based on the same explanations you gave. The story is not original, some discrepancies, lack of logic in certain cases; jokes taken up from the net and many more things. Over and above, I found the Rancho character, on which the movie relied heavily to be flawed. You can not have a person who despises and advocates alternate teaching methods to top the class every time; this is just so unrealistic. On top of that he goes on openly criticising people and their decisions in life; We are setting the wrong example as an idealistic guy.

    Again, loved this note especially the fact that you have watched and opined on movies without any visible spillover of others’ opinions

  5. if 3 idiots is over rated den wat abt my name is khan…. both leads over acted…i know its a film were srk has actually tried sumthng different but still d muvi was praised way too much.

    • You are completely mixing it all, lets put it this way, If I say, I didn’t like MNIK, No one would argue, everyone will accept it, but if I say I didn’t like 3 Idiots, people would simply ask me to stop watching movies, that is the point I am trying to make here.

  6. I think Kaaminey was one of the worst films ever.What was the point?It left me bored.Finally found some one who din’t like Kaaminey.I havent seen GNGM and PAA.so cant comment on it.

    I completely agree on 3 Idiots.It was again typical bollywood horseshit.And the baby birth scene was fatuous.

    Udaan-I sort of will call the film average.may be I dint understand everything at first viewing(especially the poem),but still I would call it a decent film.IMO

    Gandu-Well I will STRONGLY disagree with everything.The film had all the reason to show it.How could you make assumptions that director had a sexless life etc?isnt it absurd to make assumptions?You found the nudity of film offensive?The Language Offensive?
    Dint Delhi Belly had offensive Dialogues.!(Which reminds me even that should be in the list).Are we supposed to ignore just because its
    Aamir Khan funded film?

    Watch Shion Shino’s Strange Circus,Love Exposure,cold fish and you will see what pervertism is?

    I think Gandu is a superb film.The rap music used in Gandu was epic.Obviously In India we all grow up watching films like 3 idiots and shit is king so obviously we wont find this film worth watching.

    You should have included “so called” Perfectionist Aamir Khan’s Ghajini and Rang de Basanti.

    You could have also included No one killed Jessica and Band Baaja Baarat as well

    • Kushal, No one Killed Jessica worked completely on Hype, Critics as well as audiences found it underwhelming, that is again not questionable, Ghajini is a Masala film, it is not at all debatable that it is ultimately not a qualitative film, Delhi Belly was an average film, everyone knows it, it worked only on its absurdity and because it was something new in its own strange way, I dig Rang De Basanti so it didn’t strike me.

      But Gandu, I think Gandu is the King of all the films considered over rated, this one traveled long distances only on the word of mouth, but I hate those films which don’t really have anything to say, their characters are as aimless and unexplored, all that is important is style and not a single scene really tries to say something that would make real sense, don’t you feel it was a distracted and severely unfocused cinematic attempt? Most of the last 50 minutes of the film are just an attempt to reach the sexual scenes of the film and to capture what dreams Gandu is having, and that too at religious and sexual level at the same time.

      I know, it is wrong on my part to make assumptions, but the way it is shot, it compels me to think why would a director want to show all that and offend his audience, when most of the directors empathize with their characters, how could he be so apathetic to his characters!!

      • Gandu is way better than Sallu Bhai’s porn.atleast it had something new to offer,not the usual running around trees and song sequences

        And this list is incomplete without films like Dudbang, Bodyguard,Shit is King,Dhoom oh well I would include 90% of Bollywood films released in past 5 years.

  7. Oh, I am so glad someone brought up 3 idiots. It was one retarded movie – where all the men cry at the drop of a hat; I could go up and kill that Rancho guy who was not funny but just plain annoying (that supposedly funny “balaatkaar” scene was too long and repetitious that I was squirming in my seat out of pure pain!), and of course the epic birth scene. How did that shit work?!

  8. As you have taken back your stance on Udaan which leaves no point for argument about it, will omit it too. Not seen GNGM.

    Paa is boring barring a few heartfelt scenes here and there as Balki is no Mani Ratnam of his earlier days which Balki tries hard, in both his ventures but does not succeed.

    Kaminey worked for me, and there are two edited(opening & closing) scenes which you need to check it out…The climax was a downer and agree that the characters were not as Kaminey enough but yes definitely over rated by the critics…I thought it was more on the mould of Guy Ritchie films rather QT.

    3 Idiots is entertaining, thats it. Neither a fan and superbly manipulative, I think Aamir Khan ruined it for me as he has lost it.

    Gaandu is the most chutiyamatic film i have seen in recent past and I just don’t care what people feel about it….Just showing some scenes to shock like a fellatio and some crazy split screens does not make for good & inventive cinema..The rock music is the only thing which stayed and its a a truckload of shit.

    In recent times i found Zindagi Na Milegai Dobara as an extremely over-rated film and as you said, all my views here reflect my personal opinion on those films.

    • Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara is Over rated, I missed it really………….!!!!! When boys do have a boring life and again if they are having fun, they find some one to fall in love with, they really don’t spout utterly stupid lines of dialogue, ZNMD was as shallow, unfunny and overtly inelegant Buddy film that it tries too hard to be, If only some one could explain Film-makers that good cinematography doesn’t make up for the completely wrong way guys on a vacation talk these days that is shown in the film!!!

    • I am sure if the Gandu had been in Spanish language directed by Pedro Almodovar this would have been a must watch.

      side note-I am not implying that ‘Q’ is anywhere near to Pedro.

      • Kushal i don’t need an Almodovar or a Ratnam, neither a Nolan to like a film….One man’s music can be another man’s noise too…

        It’s just that I found it unappealing and while switching off my laptop, nothing about that film stayed with me…So yes I personally found it very over-rated and it’s nice that you got the film better than me. Am sure there are plenty of films which I love, but you may not comprehend that fact…

  9. MNIK was a huge hit dude…n a lot of ppl likd it…even it got gr8 reviews but d film wasnt dat gr8…n srk tryin to imitate tom hanks didnt work for me…
    I likd ZNMD n 3 idiots only bcos it was a happy film…films in which I want to believe in…dese films r d reason I dont want to give up my dreams cos i believe if d characters can do it so can I.

  10. I agree with Kaminey,PAA and 3idiots.But Udaan why did you put in your list and then defend yourself saying that you did not connect to it.The case with Udaan is you could not connect, not being over-rated or underrated.

    Udaan is one of the best Indian films i have seen in recent times,

    GNGM well not seen the new version, but the old version which i saw put me into goodnight’s sleep during movie.

    Gandu, DISAGREE, you can connect or not connect you can Judge the character of filmmaker, we are not here to do so. It seems you do problem with sexual scenes, what wrong with goddess statue, if you look back even in ancient Indian stories their are references to sculptor making love to goddess statues and that is why till today their is custom of purifying the Statue of Goddess before it is installed in Temple.

    Why can’t filmmaker provoke audience, why they have to draw line,isn’t the purpose of any form of art to get reaction from Audience.

    You judge people and say they are hypocrites.isn’t that form of hypocrisy ,you have a problem with scene when Gandu laughs at his mother having sex, probably you just did not get the movie dude.Do you remember the scene where his mother sees him while she is having sex,and anguish she has in her eyes.

    • Ashwin, we cannot and we should not jusdge the character of a film maker, but when I feel someone who can produce a film independently presents this in front of me, I feel ashamed and sorry for what he has done and what he thinks.
      Nothing wrong with the goddess statue, “why” the content isn’t my problem, my problem is “How”? If he wants to provoke the audience, then explain one thing, do blink and miss shots work there? as a normal audience (I am sure if he made a film he would want as many people to watch it) does his experiment at communication work? No. This film fails miserably.

      A film explores its characters’ mentality which compels them to do or not to do something and what it leads to, first of all mentality as such is not explored, only what he thinks, does it make up for a good film? What really happens in the film? No, nothing, Gandu as a character doesn’t do anything, he simply thinks and occasionally sings, it is just an attempt to bridge the profanity, that is probably all Q wanted, in between he added the theme of religion may because that was another thing he wanted. He didn’t want to tell a story, I am all for it, because then the director has the freedom of taking his characters much seriously, just tell me one thing, you were intrigued by the look and feel or the characters? a film without a story, undeveloped characters and a mess of intentions turns out to be this what is in front of us, how do I call it good?

      When I don’t defend myself, I don’t because in the corner of my mind I have it that I might be wrong somewhere and may be that is not a movie for me, or maybe when I watched it I was not in the right mood or anyother reason, but I am sure about Gandu as I have watched it twice, in hunt to find something that I could like, but I didn’t, and I am sure with it that it is over rated, when people everywhere, bloggers, critics, journalists, twitter users keep bringing in front of me and call it a genius cinematic breakthrough.

      a more RAW take on it can be found here
      If you think I didn’t get the movie, may be I didn’t, then it is just another proof of failure in communication.

      • Again you are talking about you feeling ashamed,then i guess that would be your problem, not director’s.You say nothing wrong with Goddess statue, but in the post you mention you have problem with that, basically with whole lot of sex scenes, now you are contradicting yourself by saying that Nothing wrong with the goddess statue, “why” the content isn’t my problem, my problem is “How”?.

        The movie fails to communicate to you, it is not proof of failure of communication, it is just you are not his audience.But downgrading to being over rated on your personal view is wrong, then title of post should have been films i find over rated.

        Why in lord’s name you need a story of every film, you mentioned it is an experiment, then why you would except all things which you except in normal movie.

        Why can’t a character be parasite and do nothing.

    • Ashwin, A character is a parasite, he does nothing, if nothing happens in a film, then it is a boring film, if it is boring then it is over rated, a movie doesn’t need a story but then It does need a genuinely developed character (that I have mentioned, when I said “He didn’t want to tell a story, I am all for it, because then the director has the freedom of taking his characters much seriously” but you have either skipped it or you don’t really care about the point I am trying to make), on Goddess statue, if you were provoked, good enough, you realized it, but that scene doesn’t really communicate anything serious (that also I have mentioned and I have tried to explain in the first paragraph). You liked it, if you are serious about it, fair, but honestly when I ask people, they like it because someone (possibly) more credible does and because they want to continue to be credible that’s why they like it, and I didn’t, even though I watched it twice, and that’s why not only it is over rated but also artless, fake and a mess of intentions, which doesn’t reach anywhere but Just an excuse for a tastelessly made bad film, which is more of a slide show with sound. And I don’t care if a film is an experiment, if it isn’t entertaining or scintillating or engaging or thought provoking (as you say it), I don’t accept it, now if you say that I am dumb enough to not to understand that movie, then, rather than defending this film, that is more of a personal attack and I won’t react to it.

      As far as, you saying that I should have labeled this blogpost as films I find over rated, is concerned, well, I have mentioned something similar to that in the first few lines.

      My complete retrospective is there in that in my previous comment, which I wrote immediately after I watched the film, and now this is the Last comment on this Gandu from my side, Bro, I give up, To each his own, once again.

  11. to each his own!

    but then , again, i feel the reason we tend to go gaga over films, however minimal in flourish and excellence they be, is cause we as movie goers are so used to seeing crap friday after friday, that a lil genius gets us into orgasmic raptures of rah rahs!

    however, udaan is a beautiful film 🙂 it didnt connect to u is a pity! may be u didnt want to! technique, slickness, archaic heavyhanded story telling, all take a backseat here, for the film speaks to the soul!

  12. overated movies shuld be that ki normal aadmi ko pasaand naa aye but phir bhi hit ho jaye . here normal aadmi means not a die hard srk or sallu fan who has no idea abt anythn but just goes to see bcos he thinks tat bcos its sallu,srk movie will be good..normal aadmi means guys like us who watch movie just to enjoy. u definetly cannot enjoy watching bodyguard..

  13. ZNMD made me wanted to claw my eyes out and occasionally made me laugh out loud unintentionally..i kept thinking how is this a huge hit!
    I don’t agree about Kaminey at all. I think it delivered quite well. I didn’t hear of any comparisons with QT movies though. I don’t know why people do that! Drive(I liked it) recently was. QT is of a different level.
    I couldn’t make myself watch Pa. I had quite a few complaints when I saw Udaan but I appreciate the approach and idea so I won’t diss the movie entirely.
    Aamir Khan movies are all preachy which ruins it for me.

  14. i have not seen udaan -gandu or good night -but paa and kaminey and ZNMD were horrid -they are pretentious and derivative and they neither divert nor deliver so i agree with the writer on those 3 totally -i walked out of all three -they were simply bad

  15. i dont know the writer here but 3 idiots does not even have a coherent narrative and the comedy is meant for 15 year olds only -i enjoyed just the song zuby zuby -it was a total waste otherwise and i think i like amir khan enough so i agree with wrirters opinion of the 4 movies i have seen -they are pure hype

  16. ZNMD – watchable and ok fun, definitely no coming-of-age classic or DCH 2 as some make it to be. Kaminey – agree. to me it lost its way towards the end. In its attempt to be too tarantinoish it ended up niether here nor there. udaan – I disagree. There was something pure and fresh about it. Cant articulate what, but that is probably its magic. Rest didnt watch

  17. 3 idiots – agree totally. Very enjoyable, but is not anywhere in any all-time list(other than collections). Lage raho is my hirani favourite. keep watching the key scenes baar baar and for first dozen times or so even shed a tear or so. Cheesy , but i love it

  18. I would also add Queen ( 2014) here. It is a good movie but got a lot of hype. It is just a simple movie, nothing new and special. It is just like other bollywood movies set in foreign and Europe

    By the way great to see 3 idiot here. Its first half is entertaining but second half is just mediocre at best . Especially the reason you mentioned here. I would like to add more : Chatur Ramalingam who get second in class didn’t get success because he studied by Rote learning (ratta marna) but r madvan and sharman joshi who hardly passed in the examination got a job. It can’t be happened in real life. Beside that you can’t be topped in engineering line only by reading what is written in book. It can be possible in art field at some stage. But in technical fields such as non medical and engineering you have to be innovative and creative to become first or second in exams :
    Sharman joshi jumped from the third floor and was almost on a death stage on hospital still he is healthy at the end. In real life when you jump from the third floor, in 98% of the cases you will either be dead or a handicapped for the rest of your life. In order to become a great , movie has to be realistic.
    But 3 Idiot is nothing other than a example of entertaining cinema however it is way better than many 100 crore club commercial craps like rowdy rathod, dabbang 2, happy new year etc . In my opinion other movies of Amir khan like Sarfarosh, Dil chahatha hai, Lagaan are more creative and better than the three idiot.

  19. Agreed on every film you mentioned, except Udaan. Udaan still makes me feel think, the other films just faded away with the time.

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