Good Night Good Morning-Trailer

Sudhish Kamath is a movie critic who also made the indie film That Four Letter Word which managed to get a limited digital release in 2007.In 2010 Sudhish went on to complete his 2nd feature film Good Night Good Morning which was premiered at MAMI 2010. After that it has been to a few other festivals like South Asian International Film Festival, New York, 2010, Goa Film Alliance-IFFI 2010, Chennai International Film Festival, 2010, Habitat Film Festival, 2011 and Transilvania International Film Festival, 2011. Produced and directed by Sudhish himself, the film is written by Shilpa Rathnam and Sudhish Kamath. The film stars Manu Narayan,Seema Rahmani, Vasanth Santosham and Raja Sen and its all about a phone call between a guy and girl on New Year’s eve in the background of New York.Finally after a lot of wait the film is getting its theatrical release on 20th January,2012 through PVR’s new offshoot-Director’s Rare.

Till then do check out the trailer of this film-


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