Players – Will Abbas Mustan deliver in their Thriller Style?

So 2011 comes to an end, near about 107 films were released in 2011, that includes several critically and commercially successful films. Khans delivered us the most brainless blockbusters of all time and on the other side was disappointment as some of the anticipated films didn’t live up to expectations. Nevertheless we have entered 2012 where a lot of interesting films are lined up for release. Some of the films I am really looking forward to in 2012 are Shanghai, Kahaani, Agent Vinod, Ishaqzaade, Rock The Shaadi, Talaash, Jannat 2, Paan Singh Tomar, Barfee, Ek Tha Tiger etc.

Let’s have a look at the first big release of 2012, Abbas Mustan’s Players (I know not many are interested here even to talk about this film). It’s an official remake of a successful film “The Italian Job”, that deals with a gold heist where a group of people come together to pull off an impossible task.  Some quick questions that came to my mind about Players like-those who have watched The Italian Job, will they will be still interested in watching Players?  Is there any solid reason to watch Players even though we have already seen the original film? And the answers for me was a big NO.

Players is a multistarrer film in Abbas Mustan thriller style and with not so interesting starcast comprising of Abhishek Bachchan, Bipasha Basu, Sonam Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Bobby Deol. Somewhere it doesn’t interest me to watch these actors as compared to their Hollywood counterparts in the original. By the way this is the first time Abbas Mustan have accepted of making an remake, all of their earlier films were mostly inspired (read copied) works.

The film’s trailer and posters states Players a Abbas Mustan thriller style film. “Ye Abbas Mustan thriller style film kya hai  bhai?”. Now what exactly is a Abbas Mustan thriller style film. The Abbas Mustan Duo are renowned for taking inspiration from hollywood films and presenting them in a stylish way to Indian audiences. They mostly rely on same formula for their plots its usually about  murder / money / jealousy / revenge laced with  glamorous foreign locations, stylishly shot songs. Be it with Baazigar, Badshah, Ajnabee, Humraaz, Aitraaz they have always made the desi versions of Hollywood flicks.

Their last release Race was about double crossing games in South Africa. Laced with cheap twists after twists (I think they should have named the film ‘Twist’ instead of Race). I don’t know about others but while watching it I got completely irritated at a time thinking ab bas bhi karo. Whatever I say despite of that Race was a hit. Abbas Mustan love to keep their audience guessing the plot till the last minute with twists and thrills in the plot. This is what their Thriller Style is actually and that works well most of the times. After Race Abbas bhai and Mustan bhai are in good form.

This time for Players they played it safe as they got rights of a successful film and attempted it in an Indianised way. What I meant by played safe means for the first time they brought rights of a film and then made it, and not like their earlier films which were exact copies of Hollywood flicks. I can’t understand why no one sues them for plagiarism?

Players does not looks much promising and with not so interesting starcast, with the plot already known to us. One more major disappointment with Players is its music. Pritam’s music doesn’t work. None of the songs are a chartbuster or even familiar. Usually in bollywood atleast having hit songs can attract audiences to cinema halls. With not much hype surrounding  Players (Except Bipasha brought some publicity to film with her bikini skills) we will have to wait and watch what masala Abbas Mustan has served to keep the audience still interested in the film despite having watched The Italian Job. Going by the trailers it seems that they have made it fast paced stylish thriller and shot on exotic locations. I’m going with least expectations, come on Abbas bhai and Mustan bhai surprise us.


2 thoughts on “Players – Will Abbas Mustan deliver in their Thriller Style?

  1. At first I thought MAM is really going one up on Taran Adarsh with regards to his early bird reviews as Don 2 was well ahead before most Indian websites and this one.

    Welcome to MAM and Players seems a Flopiya re-union Part 3, with the first two being Fight Club & Speed. Nevertheless will be watching it on Friday night and its a refreshing read…Cheers…

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