My Best Movies Of 2011

This is a list of 11 films not in any particular order, but among the movies which I managed to watch this year.If some of the honourable names are not there, the reason is I have not watched them and some of these films which I think could have been in this list based on my conversation with other film lovers are 13 Assassins,Pina,We Are What We Are,Submarine, The Skin I live in.Now from among the movies I watched here are my favorites.

ANOTHER EARTH– I watched this at MAMI accidentally, this is the debut movie of Director Mike Cahill and starring writer Brit Marling. It is one of the best sci-fi films in recent years, made on limited budget, but that does not in any way compromise the production quality of the film. Once again it proves that movies do not need big budget but vision and narration which has to be original and refreshing. Another Earth ends with a climax which leaves you spellbound.This makes it to my must watch movies of this year.

MICHAEL– This is one of the most subtle films on a topic which if directed by another director would have been melodramatic or preachy. Michael Fuith as the lead delivers a brilliant performance of the year.Based on a real event , this is gripping and haunting at the same time.Do read about how Markus Schleinzer directed this movie and his reason to do so.

The  ARTIST- This has been the talk of the town, this French silent film in b/w on Hollywood’s silent era, about a fading star who has lost  his glory due to advent of talkies, and much more. This is a  movie you would love to watch again and again.

Incendies – A movie about discovery of the roots,family and discovering themselves in a war torn country, Lebanon undertaken by a twin brother-sister. This French-Canadian film, Incendies was Canada’s official entry for the 2011 Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film.

Poetry– This South Korean movie won the Best Screenplay award at 2010 Cannes Film Festival.This is about a sixty year old grandmother living with her grandson.She discovers that she is suffering from first stage of Alzheimer’s disease and that her grandson may have committed a heinous crime and she would need 5 million dollars to save him. Between all these conflicts, she enrolls herself in poetry class to pursue her passion of writing. This bittersweet tale is written and directed by Chang-dong Lee who has given us earlier films such as Peppermint Candy and Secret Sunshine.

Drive– This is one film which I did not like at first, thanks to Indian Censors who massacred the movie with cuts.2011 surely can be said as the year of Ryan Gosling, with his unnamed auto mechanic cum Hollywood stunt driver act who moonlights as getaway crime driver.This noir thriller directed by Nicolas Winding Refn also has this year’s best Soundtrack too.Click here to see one of my favourite scene from this movie.

The Girl In Yellow Boots-Many may not agree that this the best to come out from Anurag Kashyap, who is now synonymous with any thing anti-Bollywood.I feel we are wrong in placing too much hope on one man alone.Do not go and watch it for the script, go for characters. As we follow Ruth’s Journey in India, her search for her father creates a lasting impression in our minds.The other reason for this one being in the list is because it will give a lot of  boost and inspiration to a lot of filmmakers to shoot digitally.

A Separation-This is the kind of film which leaves it’s impression for days. This is Iran’s Official entry for Oscar in 2012.This also swept all major awards at Berlin Festival which includes Golden Bear for best film and the two Silver Bears for its ensemble cast of male and female actors. The Movie begins with a wife requesting for divorce with her husband, but it is much more than that. Told in thriller style it explores various issues of modern day Iran, which includes religion, class divide and legal system. Only one word to Describe this- STUNNING.

Tree of Life– This had such a limited release in Mumbai, that even Lady Dabangg had more screens than this 🙂 .Terrence Malick is one of those directors who are gifted by gods of cinema to us,so that he can relish us with his movies. Wish he would make more movies and not take such long breaks.

I Saw the Devil-When it comes to depicting violence on screen the Koreans seem to have decided not to disappoint us.This film was stuck with the Korean Censor Board for it’s violent scenes and it’s a delight for torture porn fans. As the movie progresses and lines blur you are left thinking who is right and wrong, with a villain so coldblooded , this cat and mouse thriller is not for weak hearts.

Tyrannosaur-Set in a British suburb, this one is disturbing, cinematic genius and same time thought provoking.Aided brilliantly by Peter Mullan,who  brings out the character alive, it deals with rage and how it regulates our life if unchecked.Also do check out Paddy Considine talking about the short Dog Altogether in 2005, which led to this feature film.

Hope 2012 brings you all good luck and good movies at the Cinemas.


20 thoughts on “My Best Movies Of 2011

  1. TGIYB? one of the best films of 2011?.I hope you are not serious.

    Incendies-the movie is ok.Anyone who has seen oldboy will not find this movie that great.

    You should have included coldfish,Aaranya Kandam,Azhagar Samiyin Kudhriyal,Senna,Gandu,Japanese FIlm Confessions,and most important Gandu.

  2. @Kushal, As you know i have not watched Senna,Gandu was out in 2010 so did not include it.Aranya Kandam also i have not watched. I would Disagree with Incendies , being Inferior to Old Boy.That is like telling Sholay is not great because somebody has watched 7 Samurai.
    TGIYB, i have given the reason why i have included that.

    • There have been quite a few films which have had incest angle before incendies and I have happened to see them before.also incendies din’t have that edge of seat suspense.however that films has some mind blowing soundtrack and scenes.

      The explanation for TGIYB is silly and fatous.

      • @Kushal… I don’t know on what basis you judge films but we can’t be doing it for a particular theme..INCENDIES is a devasting piece of cinema and a unique achevement which rarely films achieve.

        @Cinemausher…It did not deserve a place here on the simple fact that INCENDIES was released in Sept’ 2010 and it should hold true according to your say for GANDU. It was even in the nominations for Best Foreign Language at Academy Awards.

      • @Kushal, I have kept in this list because i feel Digital is the way to go.How Many times we have Filmmakers in India making film within this budget Digitally.

  3. Pretty good list but this list makes it look like TGYIB was the best Indian film of 2011 which it certainly wasn’t.There were far superior films especially from Tamil Cinema. Ashwin-hope you get to watch more of regional films in 2012 🙂

    • Why don’t you put up a list of your favourite Indian films irrespective of their language. You are one of the veryfew who follow cinema from all over the country. It would be an unique list.

    • @Sethu, Yes i can’t forget the AaduKalam Fiasco in start of the year. I hope to watch more good movies this year. Tamil Cinema had best of both in 2011.The reason i have included is the way it was shoot, it should encourage a lot of aspiring filmmakers to shoot Digitally .

  4. @ Ajay
    Incendies is good film but not a great film.I met lot of cine-buffs who told me that the end was devastating(because of incest angle). I feel that there is nothing great about end.also go through IMDB discussion boards and you will find that many people have pointed flaws in the film.

      • Indeed to each his own.Don’t get me wrong,the movie is good no doubt about that.
        especially the bus scene and the the Radiohead track which plays in background.

        BTW guys I dont know if this belongs here but please watch Sioh Shino’s Suicde club.super duper film.

  5. @Ajay, It is difficult to keep track release date of International films, but what i followed was USA release date, both the Film had Theatrical Releases this year.

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