Panjaa Movie Review : The Powerstar Show

Pawan Kalyan's PanjaaLast year was one of the worst for Telugu film heroes commercially with Mahesh Babu’s Khaleja, Ram Charan’s Orange and Pawan Kalyan’s Komaram Puli biting the dust at B.O. The common factor among all mentioned films was that telugu film industry had great hopes with movies and heroes but these productions were not only delayed but went over budget; causing huge losses to producers and all stars came under fire from all quarters. Result was Ram Charan-Dharani’s expensive movie being shelved as Chiranjeevi himself felt that such a budget was difficult to recover its investment. Stars themselves promised to complete the shoot on time and not sign more than one film in a year as evident this year when Mahesh Babu released Dookudu in October and it went on become one of the biggest hits and completed his next film The Business Man in 5 months, which is up for release in Jan 2012.While Pawan Kalyan did a remake of Love Aaj Kal in Telugu as Teen Maar earlier this year.

Jai(Pawan Kalyan) is a loyal henchman of Jackie Shroff(Bhagwan) who plunges him into crime by offering gun to shoot the tormentor of his mother and sister’s molestor when he was a child. Jai has a long association with Bhagwan along with (Paruchuri Venkateshwar Rao) Sabhapati and (Tanikella Bharani) GuruAiyya in Kolkata for they act as brokers of peace between Government, businessmen and corporates in case of dispute. Jai falls in love with Sandhya(Sarah Jane Dias) who is unaware of his background and meanwhile  Bhagwan’s son (Sesh Adivi) Munna comes to India.Munna is a cliched pyscho Telugu villian who is a womanizer, drug addict and often beats up women. He is besotted by Janhavi(Anjali Lavania), who is a bar dancer and is in love with Jai.

Things go awry when Munna tries to interfere in the working of this gang and creates problem for them leading to Janhavi being killed when she refuses his advance. Jai terminates Munna and flees from Kolkata to Andhra, with the rest of this predictable fare being about Bhagwan and his rivals hunting for Jai; whille Jai has to win his lady love and escape from his dark past.

In terms of story it has nothing new to offer but the screenplay is extremely good prior interval, alas the second half goes wayward. Most of scenes are added due to so called telugu movie commercial compulsion with Brahmanandam track evoking some laughter but its unnecessary and unrelated to movie.

Techincally the film is strong and full marks to Vinod who captures Kolkata beautifully in first half and post intermission, Kerala and Malshej Ghat with his frames.Yuvan Shankar’s music is good with crowd going berserk during Ela Ela song.

In the performance department Anjali has nothing more than legs to offer, spoiler alert( She dies one of the most bloodiest death in history of Telugu Cinema), while Sarah Jane is average. Jackie is a central character but does not have anything new to offer, Atul Kulkarni is wasted. I hope Sampath agreed to do this movie because of his paypacket since he has been wasted as a henchman. Pawan Kalyan is the soul of the movie, an absolute delight on screen. One of the highlights of this movie is a comic scene which takes place in public washroom with Pawan talking to himself. Kudos to him and unlike his previous movies here he stays in character during entire duration and even allows Brahmanadam to take the lead in comic scenes.Yes for fans of his dancing skills they have to wait till the end of movie.

Director Vishnu Vardhan’s direction is mediocre and to give him credit, he gives us an interesting and gripping first half without falling into traps of a commercial film but then he loses his touch later. A movie which could have been good, ends up just being above


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