Satyagraha: Trailer

Ever since Prakash Jha comfortably turned to commercial cinema with a vengeance with Gangaajal, he started becoming successful and slowly moving away from the cinema that he once stood for.

Satya and Ram Gopal Varma: The Journey Begins Part 1

My name is Apurva Asrani. I am a film editor. My job profile includes receiving shooting rushes and putting together a cohesive film. I attempt to choose the most honest moments in the material to string together a tableau of scenes. I try to work at proper punctuation. i.e moving around silences, action, music and…

Special 26 Movie Review: Good, not Special

Manoj Bajpai come in to the frame, run with your kid on shoulders, make horse tok-tok sound from your mouth, camera in front of his face, camera don’t cut. Other sequence, Akshay Kumar call Jimmy Shergill, Split screen, camera move non-stop, show Jimmy Shergill coming from one end, Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher from another.…

Special Chabbis-Official Trailer

Before Arvind Kejriwal re-discovered the Aam Aadmi, Neeraj Pandey gave us a gripping thriller about the common man in A Wednesday!.The film went on to become a Sleeper Hit in 2008. Neeraj also earned the Indira Gandhi National Award for Best Film by Debutant Director.