Godloe Byron

In Conversation with Goodloe Byron

I interviewed   Goodloe Byron earlier this week regarding his role in A Public Ransom and given below  is an excerpt from our online conversation. What was your approach to your role as Bryant in the film? I have been familiar with this story of Pablo’s since I was sixteen, I think, though he didn’t write the one thousand…

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Hardik Sha, Sameer Kevin Roy and Siddhanth Sundar in the waiting room

Station (2014) Movie Review: Thrills Deserted

Language : Hindi | Running Time : 95 Minutes | Director : Saad Khan The most telling scene which depicts everything that depicts everything good and bad about Saad Khan‘s “Station”, reportedly Bangalore’s first Hindi film, is one pivotal moment in a waiting room of a railway station. There are three people, Fani Bhushan(Hardik Sha),…