The Avatars of the Stalker

There’s a thin line between being in love and being obsessed – earnestly confessing your feelings for someone and coercing someone to reciprocate to your feelings. Writers, filmmakers and other artists have been universally enamoured by the psyche of the “stalker” – the innocuous or fiendish guy or girl who pursues the person he or…


Filmistaan Movie Review: Entertainment packaged, smartly

Nitin Kakkar’s Filmistaan won the National Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi in 2012. That is an incredibly tall order for a film which finally finds a theatrical release, almost 2 years later. Riding on no significant star value, Filmistaan is one of the rare films which are a testament of heresy to the…

Sau Jhooth Ek Sach

Sau Jhooth Ek Sach Movie Review

Sau Jhooth Ek Sach, a 2005 film directed by Bappaditya Roy, starring Mammotty (in one of his rare non-dubbed / original Hindi movies), the DVD of which I had picked up on an impulse during my recent visit to Kochin (it could be the Mammootty-effect, or maybe even trying the ‘local-flavour’), but had not even removed the wrapper since then.

Son of God Movie Review

Son of God (2014) Movie Review: Soulful yet Tedious

Didactic, melodramatic yet earnest – “Son of God” is primarily targeted at the devout Christians and those who enjoy religious tales. But, as a standalone film, it didn’t quite stir me up. Rating: 2.5 / 5 Standing in 21st century, where faith in everything is eroding at a meteoric pace, the courage to make a…

doordarshan on twitter

Twitter Etiquette Doordarshan Style

Few months ago I had written about why Social Media agency of Fox Crime should be fired, and what they should do to get more genuine followers.Well they did not seem to take notice of that, but surprisingly Doordarshan seems to have got everything right in this respect, prompt replies, wit and teaching kids a…

Hardik Sha, Sameer Kevin Roy and Siddhanth Sundar in the waiting room

Station (2014) Movie Review: Thrills Deserted

Language : Hindi | Running Time : 95 Minutes | Director : Saad Khan The most telling scene which depicts everything that depicts everything good and bad about Saad Khan‘s “Station”, reportedly Bangalore’s first Hindi film, is one pivotal moment in a waiting room of a railway station. There are three people, Fani Bhushan(Hardik Sha),…