Jaatishwar Movie Review: A Tale of Cultural History, Nostalgia and Music Which Works

Jaatishwar 2014

Srijit Mukherji has been one of the more popular writer-directors to have emerged in Bengali Cinema in the recent past. People tracking the industry would be well aware that traditionally Bengali Cinema has been largely divided into 2 extremes-the relatively … Continue reading

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Chander Pahar Movie Review : Ambitious But Flawed

Chander Pahar

I stagger out of the darkened theatre as soon as the credits begin to roll, and head for the coffee bar. Only when the steaming coffee drops from my numb fingers onto my clothes do I wake up from my … Continue reading

Jaatishwar: Trailer


Srijit Mukherji and Prosenjit Chatterjee have a wonderful working relationship, with the latter having featured in 3 of the 4 films made by the former so far (Autograph, Baishe Srabon and the recent Mishawr Rawhoshyo). The dynamic duo return once again with Jaatishwar, which is inspired … Continue reading

Apur Panchali: Trailer

Apur Panchali trailer

Kaushik Ganguly has been very active in both Bengali Television and Cinema as actor, writer and director. Known for making films like Arekti Premer Galpo, Shabdo, Laptop etc he is now ready with his new film, Apur Panchali. This is a real life story inspired … Continue reading

Chander Pahar: Trailer

Chander Pahar: Trailer

Physician turned filmmaker Kamaleshwar Mukherjee made heads turn earlier this year with his Bengali film Meghe Dhaka Tara, which is a tribute of sorts to the classic film of the same name by Ritwik Ghatak. The film wasn’t a remake of the classic but … Continue reading

Mishawr Rawhoshyo (2013) Movie Review: Rawhoshyo Script?


Language : Bengali | Running Time : 153 Minutes | Director : Srijit Mukherji Truth seekers, sleuths, know it all historians, we have had our share of Sherlock Holmes wannabes, some becoming more endearing than Holmes. Satyajit Ray gave us … Continue reading

Rituparno Ghosh's Satyanweshi (The Truth-Seeker) Movie Review

Satyanweshi PosterBengali literature has had its fair shares of goenda-golpo or detective fiction over the years, whether it be the swashbuckling adventures of Sunil Gangopadhyay’s  Indiana Jones-ish Kakababu, Samaresh Majumdar’s intrepid youthful sleuth Arjun (who could beat the Hardy Boys under the table any day) or Satyajit Ray’s towering Bong Sherlock, Pradosh C. Mitter, aka Feluda. In this private-eye pantheon though, Saradindu Bandopadhyay’s Byomkesh Bakshi holds a unique place of distinction. Continue reading

Tasher Desh Movie Review: Fantasy of a Sexual Liberation

PrintI was completely overdosed when i walked out of the theater after watching ‘Q”s movie ‘Tasher Desh’ (The land of cards). It’s originally a short story written by Rabindranath Tagore. It is said to be a children’s musical but surprisingly encompassing a heavy satirical drama of our political and social institutionalization and its liberation. Continue reading

Abohomaan – Some Tales need more than Time and Logic

Rituporno Ghosh may have his naysayers, but I have always had this conviction that he is the best Bengali cinema has produced ever since Satyajit Ray. Now, that’s a big accolade and of course people have criticised that Ritu Da has tried to emulate Ray a bit too much in his films. Well, may be. But then which Bong film-maker hasn’t? Continue reading