Sujay Dahake

In Conversation with Filmmaker Sujay Dahake: “Ajoba is a very personal expression”

Last Friday I had watched Ajoba, and reviewed the film here, do watch it if you haven’t till now. Impressed by the film, I spoke to the soft spoken director Sujay Dahake over phone about Ajoba, his style of film making, quality of film reviewers, his influences and more such stuff. Here’s an excerpt from…

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Madhuri Dixit Poster

The Day I Lived My Dream

I am standing in the audience rows of the set amongst the commotion and last minute preparations for the days shoot. The rain outside does nothing to cool the temperatures inside the studio where about a 100 people are running amok as the sound system gives way during the last dress rehearsal. And then the…

Alfonso Cueron

Alfonso Cuarón on what inspires individuals to become film directors and why?

Alfonso Cuarón, the acclaimed director of films like  Y Tu Mamá También and Gravity, answered this question What inspires individuals to become film directors and why? which was posted on Quora. Alfonso talks about how as a child he was obsessed with cinema and how he could try to deconstruct scenes of cinema in his mind again and again. 


Ladies we Loved & Lost

‘Lost’ is a hyperbole. None of them have passed away. But we certainly lost them to a plethora of options available around us – options that are merely entertaining but are passed off as talent. While the story holds true many deserving people in the Hindi film industry – actors and technicians alike – I just…