Alfonso Cuarón on what inspires individuals to become film directors and why?

Alfonso Cueron

Alfonso Cuarón, the acclaimed director of films like  Y Tu Mamá También and Gravity, answered this question What inspires individuals to become film directors and why? which was posted on Quora. Alfonso talks about how as a child he was obsessed with cinema and … Continue reading

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Ladies we Loved & Lost


‘Lost’ is a hyperbole. None of them have passed away. But we certainly lost them to a plethora of options available around us – options that are merely entertaining but are passed off as talent. While the story holds true many … Continue reading

Forbes India names Shah Rukh Khan as number one Indian Celebrity

Shahrukh Khan is number one Indian Celebrity of 2013

It is the month of December, also the time when most magazines publish their list of Top 10, Top 50′s and so on. Forbes India has come out with their Top 100 Indian Celebrity list for the second time.Along with their … Continue reading

Understanding Ozu


An entire generation of Japanese men and women came to be known to a world of cinephiles because of the films Yasujiro Ozu made. The statement would sound like a hyperbole for anyone who hasn’t watched an Ozu film but for anyone … Continue reading

Edgar Wright: Cornetto, Pints & Friendships

Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright is a Writer/Director from UK. Most of the average moviegoers might not know who he is,  but for some of us movie zombies he is a fresh meat,whom we can’t get enough of. Edgar Wright is one of … Continue reading

Tribute to Late Bhupen Hazarika-Siangore ga'hlong, lohitore khamti…

[It is not unusual to find a director’s wife becoming a part of a film unit, mostly to kill time. But in our case, we are working together for close to 16 years. And we are married for the last 8 years. Whether it is to edit my documentaries or to do art direction/ costumes in my productions, time and again I use her. Both for the belief that she understands closest to what I have in mind and the fact that I can give vent to the frustration without thinking twice when things does not go according to my plan…Here she shares her experience of ‘Guns & Guitars’ ] Continue reading

15 Interesting Facts About Ram Charan

Ram Charan-ThoofanZanjeer (2013)marks the Bollywood debut of yet another South Indian Actor from Andhra Pradesh, Ram Charan Teja. Earlier many others including Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Venkatesh, Chakravarthy and even NTR have tried their luck in Hindi Cinema but their efforts overall have only met with mixed results so far. Continue reading

Frost/Nixon: A Film which never got its' due recognition

Frost-Nixon PosterBritish broadcaster David Frost, best remembered for his post-Watergate interviews with former US President Richard Nixon, died of a heart-attack on Sunday. Frost secured his broader reputation with the Nixon interviews of 1977, three years after the president retreated into silence after quitting in disgrace. Continue reading