Guns and Guitars- Arunachal Pradesh

“Restaurant/ Shop cum Petrol/Diesel Dealer”

“Any policies, any programs, project (of the central govt.) we want to apply, we always get nullified because we don’t meet up with the population criteria. Are you indirectly propagating population explosion? In the line of carbon credit  we too should get something called population credit, because we are controlling the population of the country…

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DOP Venky shooting Station

In Conversation with Cinematographer Venkat Gangadhari: “As a DOP I believe firmly that I should be able to do everything on the spectrum”

Station is an indie Hindi feature film that’s been made by a team of Bangalore based professionals. Releasing on 28th March by PVR Director’s Rare, the film is directed by Saad Khan and produced by Sumit Ghosh. Last week had a conversation with Saad and Sumit (check it out here) & now we bring to…

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The Making of ‘Gutthi': Part-II

I still remember the night of 24th  February, 2012, when we held a private screening of ‘Gutthi’ at Prasad Labs in Hyderabad. Apart from friends and short film enthusiasts, a few Telugu film industry artistes had also come to the event. Watching your film on big screen with a theater full of audience is perhaps…