Boyhood (2014): A Slice Of Life Belying Time

Language : English | Running Time : 164 Minutes | Director : Richard Linklater Watching a Richard Linklater movie is like watching life as it unravels. The conversation between Mason Jr.(Ellar Coltrane) and Mason Sr.(Ethan Hawke) when Mason and his girlfriend have broken up is a moment you want to treasure because it is not…

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Blue Ruin Movie Review

Blue Ruin (2014): Redefining Revenge Thriller

Stories about revenge have been told since time immemorial, one of the appeals lies in the fact that most of us can not set right the wrongs done by higher authorities to us in our life time.  Be it Mahabharata, Ramayana, Batman etc revenge has played an important role in all these stories. Blue Ruin…

The Bastard Child

Children of War: Trailer

Previously titled The Bastard Child, Mrityunjay Devvrat‘s film on a controversial subject (1971 War for Independence of Bangladesh and its associated events) has now been re-titled as Children of War. After quite a long wait and lots of uncertainty over the release, its heartening to note that the film will now be releasing on May…