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“I am a rapper activist and not an activist rapper”-A-List

MAM author Ameet Bhuvan in conversation with freestyle rapper A- List on Indian Politics, Dissent, Hip-Hop, Consumerism and Modi. Have always been in this zone… I always have been a political artist, a number of my songs earlier have spoken of political issues. Take for instance my song “The Tale of Afzal Guru” which was…

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Jamuura Online Short Films Festival (JOSFF) is an initiative to develop an entertainment platform to showcase and promote good quality video content via short films for online consumption. And to start with they are coming up with Jamuura Online Short Films Festival (JOSFF). JOSFF brings the best of the film festival experience directly to you.


The First Job

His veins were pounding blood at twice the normal rate. Short gasps now struggled to draw enough air to fill his lungs. He could barely think, it was already upon him. He would have looked back, he really wanted to.He could feel it’s breath on his back, the hairs on his neck stood up with…

The Reply

Stilted conversation raged in my head. It was an epiphany of sorts when I came to a conclusion. Should I stop or proceed. It was a raging battle. I still hadn’t put the thought away but I’d concluded the proceedings and moved on to listen to John Frusciante’s Sphere. Distance. Time. Clarity. The epiphany resulted…

An Unequal Harmony… (Novel): Sneak Peek

  I remember when I decided to translate my short story ‘Knotted’ to a novel, it sounded like an incredible task. How can a 12-15 page story become a full-blown novel. I took up the challenge head-on, but then the task became intimidating. I remember that for two months I was only jotting down points…

An Unequal Harmony: The Journey of a New Author

It was sometime in 2008 that I woke up to the idea of blogging. Guess what, my first post on Rediffiland (the earlier name of rediffblogs) was a post on Saawariya where I extended my whole-hearted support for the film. Yes, I did love the film. However, film reviews became few and far between, as…

The Commando the Final Part: Urban Warfare

Note- This is the 3rd and final part of the Commando short story series. You can check  out Part 1 here and Part 2 here. “I need your help.” The number was unknown, but the voice was unmistakably Gloria’s. Loco swore. This was the worst possible time for a distraction.