if i Stay movie review

If I Stay (2014) Movie Review: The Fault In Our Plots

Rating: – Depends, really. The young adult (YA) romance/high-school bildungsroman has been a fixture of Hollywood, more so in the new millennium owing to the runaway popularity of the Harry Potter and Twilight franchises (and countless others in their wake from The Hunger Games to Percy Jackson). But apart from blockbuster showings, some of these…

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2 States (2014): IIMwaley Dulhania Le Jayenge

RATING: 8/10. Chetan Bhagat is a strange phenomenon. He inspires both fierce loyalty and venomous disdain, at once hailed as the savior of Indian English literature and as having brought about its bastardization. Then again, leaders of revolutions, be they literary or political, are always polarizing figures. You can’t get 5 people to agree on…


The Empty Hearse: A Warm Reunion

When Steve Moffat and Mark Gatiss made the enormously ballsy move to modernize one of Britain’s most beloved cultural icons way back in 2010, they fell over themselves apologizing before the series premiere to audiences and journalists alike for their audacious transgression against tradition. Sherlock Holmes with a smartphone? Ridiculous. By the time A Study…