Iruvar (Parakash Raj-Revathi)

Two Crafty “Suhaag Raat” Scenes

The wedding night or the suhaag raat still has a lot of significance in Indian culture. The conservative Indian society still banishes pre-marital sex and thus the wedding night is supposed to be the first time the bride and the groom make their relationship sexual, with the acceptance of the society. Indian cinema has used…

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Fandry Marathi Movie Review

Fandry Movie Review: Searing Portrayal of Adolescent Love and Caste Discrimination

The upper-caste youth of India consider the reservations in the premier educational institutions( like the IITs and IIMs) as a punishment for something their ‘great-great-grandfathers’ did to somebody else’s ‘great-great-grandfathers’. Though there might be some substance in their argument that it compromises merit as there is indeed a big question mark on the effectiveness of…


Pitruroon Movie Review: Dull and Clichéd

Sometimes I feel that our filmmakers don’t really understand the medium of cinema. Or they don’t really care about its finer nuances. I think it is high time that we as an audience don’t lap up films that are hastily made and don’t show any apparent effort in using the tools of cinema to get…